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Dentures have to be relined over the course of time due to changes in the alveolar bone tissue, muscosa or because of dental surgery. We supply: Mucropen® Soft, a permanently soft denture reline material based on A-silicone that lives up to its promise: easy to trim and guarantees a durable bond to the denture base. Simply intelligent. Futar® D Slow is an injectable elastometric A-silicone for bite registration with an extra high final hardness and an extra long working time. Panasil® Monophase Medium (formerly named Monopren® transfer) is a medium viscosity monophase impression material based on A-silicone,particularly high initial hydrophilicity for precision even in extreme situations.

view_listProduct Range

  • Futar® D Slow
  • Monopren® (renamed as Panasil® Monophase Medium)
  • Mucopren®  Soft
  • Mucopren®  Silicone Sealant
  • Panasil® Contact Two in One Light
  • Pansail® Monophase Medium
  • Silosept®