infoAbout Implants

We supply Identium® Medium a medium viscosity monophase precision impression material made of Vinylsiloxanether® that is particularly well suited to implant impressions thanks to its very high final hardness. Along with Panasil ® monophase Medium  a medium vicosity monophase impression material based on A-silicone also in a comfortable 5:1 jumbo cartridge. Particularly high initial hydrophilicity for precision even in extreme situations. Also our other ranges of Mucopren® Soft /Panasil® binetics Putty / Panasil ® tray and Silginat®.

view_listProduct Range

  • Identium® Medium
  • Identium® Heavy
  • Panasil® Binetics Putty range
  • Panasil® Tray range
  • Silginat®
  • Silginat® Strawberry
  • Mucopren® Soft