Impression Materials

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There are two types of Impression materials, Anatomical impression material and Precision impression material.

We supply premium quality medium viscosity, addition-curing impression materials specifically for taking anatomical impressions (opposing jaw impressions, temporary crowns/bridges, fabrication of splints etc.). These materials are an ideal complement to precision impression-taking using A-silicones due to their elastomeric properties (optimal elastic recovery, high dimensional stability). They are also easy to use, clean and efficient when used in combination with the Plug & Press® System.

A precision impression is the fundamental link between the dental office and dental laboratory. It is very important because a precision impression contains the only information about the preparation and the dentition that can be passed to the dental technician. The performance of the impression material becomes the most important criterion next to the professional skill of the dentist.

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Identium® Heavy range

Identium® Light range

Identium® Medium range

Lastic® range

Panasil® Binetics Putty range

Panasil® Initial Contact Light range

Panasil® Initial Contact X-Light range

Panasil® Monophase Medium

Panasil® Putty range

Panasil Tray range


Silginat® Strawberry