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Lastic® 90 Fine

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(1 x 155ml Tube)


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    Lastic® 90 Fine is a low viscosity, thixotropic, elastomeric precision impression material based on polysiloxane.

    Lastic® 90 Fine is a low viscosity, thixotropic material, ideal for use in combination with Lastic® tray materials, e.g. for the two-step and double mix impression techniques.

    Lastic® 90 Fine pack contains 1 x 155ml Tube

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    • User-friendly setting characteristics (total working time 90 seconds, intraoral setting time 5 minutes)
    • Good flow properties thanks to its low viscosity consistency
    • Accurate reproduction of preparation detail and dimensions
    • Wash material suitable for many applications
    • Highly precise
  • thumb_upPractitioner Benefitsadd
    • Prevents uncontrolled flow of the material.
    • Impression for optimal prosthetic restorations.
    • Cost-effective impression-taking.
    • Accurate impressions due to high thixotropy.
    • Easy handling

Lastic® Products.

High Quality, Low Cost.

The tried and true Lastic® line of products includes classic elastomeric precision impression materials based on C silicone.

The product range includes; Lastic® Xtra Putty which is a kneadable preliminary impression material, Lastic® Function Medium which is a medium-viscosity functional impression material, and Lastic® 90 Fine, which is a low-viscosity impression material.