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Lastic® Universal Paste Hardener

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(1 x 60ml Tube)


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    Lastic® Universal Hardener Paste contains an organic tin compound and can be used also for the Lastic® products. When kneading Lastic® Xtra putty, it is advisable to use hardener paste.

    The hardener paste is coloured to enable the user to check that the material has been mixed thoroughly.

    Adding excessive hardener curtails the intraoral setting time as well as the total working time.

    Lastic® Universal Hardener Paste pack contains 1 x 60ml Tube.


Lastic® Products.

High Quality, Low Cost.

The tried and true Lastic® line of products includes classic elastomeric precision impression materials based on C silicone.

The product range includes; Lastic® Xtra Putty which is a kneadable preliminary impression material, Lastic® Function Medium which is a medium-viscosity functional impression material, and Lastic® 90 Fine, which is a low-viscosity impression material.