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Mucopren® Soft


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Mucopren® Soft

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    Mucopren® Soft is a permanently soft reline material based on vinyl polysiloxane for direct and indirect application, that lives up to its promise: easy to trim and guarantees a durable bond to the denture base. It is best suited to direct and indirect lining.

    The normal pack contains 2 x 50ml cartridges + 6 mixing tips green.

    The base set contains 1 x 50ml Mucopren® Soft cartridge, 1 x 50 ml Mucopren® Silicone Sealant cartridge and 1 x 10 ml Mucopren®Adhesive bottle as well as 7 mixing tips green, 20 mixing tips blue, 1 brush holder, 20 single-use brushes and 1 steel bur.

  • loyaltyProduct Advantagesadd
    • The patented Mucopren® adhesive guarantees excellent bonding to acrylic dentures, prevents loosening from the denture and gap formation between the denture acrylic and silicone liner.
    • The smooth hydrophobic silicone surface prevents inflammation of the denture-bearing area and guarantees hygienic denture conditions and a long-term period in situ.
    • Permanent elasticity ensures high intraoral comfort and relieves critical areas of the oral mucosa.
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    • Mucopren® silicone sealer in the cartridge produces an excellent bond with the silicone liner, ensures easy handling and creates a smooth, shiny surface at the silicone/acrylic interface.
    • The excellent mechanical properties of the silicone liner (e.g. tear resistance, elongation) ensure easy handling with a high loading capacity.
    • Impressive features include a short curing time and adequate total working time.

Mucopren® Soft for Relining.

Strong Bond Guaranteed!

With its’ comfortable processing, Mucopren® Soft can be used chairside and is applied in just a few minutes, with a scalpel and bur.

Mucopren® Soft is also an extremely comfortable experience for patients as it is a particularly smooth, with the hydrophobic silicone surface offering protection against microbial contamination.

It is also permanently elastic with great durability, and it has outstanding adhesion and will not detach from the prosthesis. It also has great tear resistance and a long service life.