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Panasil® binetics Putty Fast 5:1


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Panasil® binetics Putty Fast 5:1

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(Panasil® binetics Putty Fast)


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£169.95 (exc. VAT)

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    Pure comfort in a unique form. Intelligent benefits: no more manual kneading, exact dispensing and reduced material use. Panasil® binetics Putty is the first genuinely kneadable putty based on A silicone for precision impressions available in a 5:1 jumbo cartridge.

    With the convenient Plug & Press® System, Panasil® binetics Putty can be mixed cleanly, safely and quickly in electrical mixing and dosing machines. As Putty Fast for the two-step impression technique and Putty Soft for the sandwich technique with various final hardnesses.

    The Panasil® Binetics Putty Fast intro pack contains 1 x 380ml cartridge and 10 dynamic mixers. The refill pack contains 2 x 380ml cartridges.

  • loyaltyProduct Advantagesadd
    • No more manual kneading
    • Accurate dispensing
    • Reduced material use
    • User-/patient-friendly setting characteristics
    • Good elastic properties
    • Convenient Plug & Press System
  • thumb_upPractitioner Benefitsadd
    • Mix easily and hygienically with the press of a button.
    • Consistently good results.
    • Only the amount of material required is dispensed.
    • Ideal for the two-step impression technique with a total working time of 1 minute 30 seconds and an intraoral setting time of 2 minutes 30 seconds.
    • Easy removal from the patient`s mouth.
    • Easy handling.