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Panasil® contact plus X-Light – Normal Pack

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(2 x 50 ml Cartridges + 8 Yellow Mixing Tips)


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    Panasil® Contact Plus X-Light is a very low viscosity, addition-curing precision impression material with a very short intraoral setting time.

    Panasil® Contact Plus X-Light can be ideally combined with the tray materials Panasil® Binetics Putty Fast and the classic Panasil® Putty/Putty Fast Set from the jar.

    The Panasil® Contact Plus X-Light normal pack 1:1 contains  2 x 50ml Cartridges + 8 Yellow Mixing Tips.

  • loyaltyProduct Advantagesadd
    • First two-step impression material with flexible setting characteristics: Total working time: 30 sec. – 2 min., Intraoral setting time: 2 minutes
    • Very low viscosity
    • High thixotropy
    • Improved hydrophilic properties
  • thumb_upPractitioner Benefitsadd
    • Very time-saving with small prosthetic restorations, greater tolerance with complex restorations; increased patient comfort.
    • Flows uniformly onto the preparation, even in subgingival areas; highly crisp reproduction of detail.
    • Prevents material flowing off the tooth inadvertently.
    • Accurate reproduction of subgingival preparation margins due to increased tolerance to residual moisture.