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Panasil® monophase Medium (formerly Monopren® Medium) 1:1 & 5:1


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Panasil® monophase Medium (formerly Monopren® Medium) 1:1 & 5:1

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(Panasil® monophase Medium)


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    Panasil® monophase Medium (which was formerly known as Monopren® Medium) is a medium viscosity, addition-curing, elastomeric monophase impression material based on vinyl polysiloxane.

    Panasil® monophase Medium is an impression material with initial hydrophilicity (the best hydrophilic properties appear after just 0.5 seconds) that provides special application advantages for fixation impressions with fixed/removable restorations and in implantology: immediate inflow to the primary crowns, cast support or preparation limits even in a moist oral environment.

    Other significant criteria include good setting characteristics, the appropriate Shore A hardness and thixotropy. In combination with Futar® D Slow, an even better fixation of the implant posts can be achieved with the fixation impression.

    The Panasil® Monophase Medium comes in 3 variations of packs; the 5:1 intro pack contains 1 x 380ml cartridge and 10 dynamic mixers, the 5:1 refill pack contains 2 x 380ml cartridges, and the 1:1 normal pack contains 2 x 50ml cartridges and 6 green mixing tips.

  • loyaltyProduct Advantagesadd
    • Short intraoral setting time (2 min.) with a practical total working time (2 min.)
    • High final hardness (Shore A 60)
    • High thixotropy
    • High elasticity
    • Flow properties to suit the indication
    • Two different forms of presentation
    • Comes in either the jumbo 5:1 cartridge or the well-known 1:1 cartridge system
  • thumb_upPractitioner Benefitsadd
    • Less distortion during the setting stage; user-friendly; more comfortable for the patient; less time required; greater precision.
    • Good retention of the primary crowns; greater accuracy
    • Easy removal from the patient`s mouth; tear-resistant; less risk of fracture during model fabrication.
    • Good pressure build-up.
    • Flows flush onto the primary crowns; finest reproduction of detail.
    • Available as a jumbo cartridge or cartridge material depending on the amount of use.
    • Easy handling.