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    Silginat® is a medium viscosity addition-curing impression material with alginate-like consistency. available in a 5:1 jumbo cartridge and a 1:1 cartridge.

    It has been specially developed for taking impressions of the opposing jaw, temporary crowns/bridges and fabricating splints. The use of an A-silicone for opposing jaw impressions as well as for precision impressions and bite registration leads to an optimal standardised interaction: the finished work offers a clearly better fit – there is no grinding in most cases.

    Silginat® flows very easily and incorporates the combination of crisp detail and precision for optimal impressions, that can be kept for weeks and used again.

    Silginat® is stable, has a low tear resistance and is easy to disinfect. The Sympress® System ensures clean and efficient work.

    The Silginat® 5:1 packs are available in:

    • Intro pack contains 1 x 380ml Cartridge (consisting of 300ml base, 1 x 80ml catalyst), 10 Dynamic Mixers + 4 Multi Trays.
    • Refill pack contains 2 x 380ml Cartridges.

    The Silginat® 1:1 packs are available in:

    • Intro pack contains 6 x 50ml Cartridges + 6 Mixing Tips.
    • Bulk pack contains 24 x 50ml Cartridges.
  • loyaltyProduct Advantagesadd
    • Silginat® has an alginate-like consistency and a low breaking strength
    • The material is thixotropic but still flows
    • It is dimensionally stable with high resilience
    • Scannable
    • Short intraoral setting time (90 seconds) for rapid workflows
    • The anatomical impression is prepared in just 3 minutes
    • Shore hardness A 45 for easy releasing
  • thumb_upPractitioner Benefitsadd
    • Anatomical impressions with Silginat® are permanently stable when stored and can even be poured out multiple times – preparing several anatomical impressions is no longer necessary.
    • Clean, simple, and safe application with the 5:1 jumbo cartridge for reproducible results in terms of a quality management system.
    • The 1:1 cartridge, with its 50ml fill offers the ideal volume for an upper jaw impression in a customised tray.

    Silginat® medium viscosity is highly recommended for the following:

    • Opposing Jaw impressions
    • Preparing temporary crown and bridges
    • Anatomical impressions
    • Orthodontic tasks
    • Models for case studies
    • Preparation of models for constructing splints