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    Silosept® is an immersion disinfectant and cleaning agent for dental impressions and laboratory instruments. Infections do not stand a chance with Silosept®: immersion disinfectant disinfects silicone, polyether, alginate, and Vinylsiloxanether impressions as well as laboratory instruments and eliminates the relevant spectrum of germs (bacteria, fungi, HBV, HCV, HIV and TbB).

    The infection chain between the dental office and laboratory is reliably and responsibly interrupted. Silosept® is a granulated material based on active oxygen for immersion disinfection. It combines optimal cleaning with convenient handling in the laboratory and dental office routine: the disinfectant solution should be changed daily and provides the advantage of cleanliness and hygiene.

    The standard pack consists of 1 x 800g pack of Silosept® and includes 54 labels.

    The economy pack consists of 4 x 800g packs of Silosept® and includes 216 labels.

  • loyaltyProduct Advantagesadd
    • Immersion disinfection
    • Broad spectrum efficacy
    • Concentrate in the tub
    • Complimentary labels
    • Fully biodegradable
    • Cost-effective impression disinfectant
  • thumb_upPractitioner Benefitsadd
    • Reliable, easy wetting of the entire surface
    • Kills all relevant germs (bacteria, fungi, HBV, HCB, HIV and TbB)
    • 40-litre immersion solution from one tub of Silosept: minimum storage space, effortless, no unnecessary waste
    • Avoids multiple disinfection procedures in the dental office and laboratory
    • Easy disposal and very environmentally friendly
    • Thanks to cost-effective economy pack