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Sympress Dispenser

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(Sympress Dispenser – 230 Volt, 50Hz, Standard)


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    Sympress is an automatic electrical mixing and dispensing unit for foil bag materials of the Kettenbach Plug & Press® system and other impression materials in a mixing ratio of 5:1.

    Sympress Dispenser pack contains 1 x electrical dispensing and mixing system for automatic mixing of Impression Material

  • loyaltyProduct Advantagesadd
    • Accurate mixing, dispensing, and application provides repeatable material properties
    • Homogenous, bubble-free mixing for best impression results
    • Extrusion speed selectable for filling impression tray or syringe
    • Automatic propulsion and reverse drive at the push of a button
  • thumb_upPractitioner Benefitsadd
    • Mix easily and hygienically at the press of a button independent of the operator
    • Consistently accurate results.
    • Use only the amount of material required.